Parking Directions

Construction Notice: Due to ongoing construction at 1055 West Georgia Street until 2025, both internal and external modifications are in progress.

For pedestrians, cyclists, or Skytrain commuters, we recommend using the Burrard Street entrance to access the building. Despite the ongoing construction setup, our lobby will always have staff available to assist with any questions you may have upon arrival.

Cyclists are advised to use alternative bike stands near 1055 West Georgia Street. The front area of the building, typically used for bicycle parking, is currently covered in scaffolding and various construction equipment. Please plan accordingly.

Parking: The parking facility is underground and located at 655 Burrard St. There are two entrances to the Royal Centre/Hyatt Regency underground parking facility. The first is directly off Burrard Street, between Melville and West Georgia. The second is off Melville St. just west of Burrard.

Once in the parking facility, you can park in any non-reserved stall.  You will see entrances labelled “Tower & Shopping” and “Hyatt Regency Hotel”. Please use the “Tower & Shopping” entrance. At the parkade elevator, select “L” for “Lobby”. Once you reach the lobby, turn right and select floor 27. Please note that the underground parking has a clearance of six feet.

Parking Payment: We offer complimentary parking for our clients using the underground at 1055 West Georgia only. Please provide us with your license plate number when booking your appointment and we will arrange for parking to be paid during your visit. Unfortunately we cannot offer paid parking in other locations at this time.

Leaving the Parkade: When leaving the parking facility, you will exit onto Melville Street. Turning right on Melville will lead you to Burrard Street – southbound. Turning left on Melville will lead you to Dunsmuir Street – westbound.

Skytrain: Burrard Station is located across the street from our building.