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OceanFront Wealth is a firm offering independent financial advice and is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. As an ensemble of highly experienced and dedicated advisors, we focus on what’s essential to help you and your family achieve your life’s goals. Our trademark ‘Peace of Mind Program™’  translates complex issues and investment-overload into a process that is easy to understand and that optimizes you and your family’s return on life for generations.

Committed to excellence and

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At OceanFront Wealth, we love what we do and are committed to only the highest level of excellence in service and care of our clients. We are able to maintain this level of commitment because as a team, we choose only ideal client relationships, by private referral, enabling us to maintain our one of our core values of low advisor-to-client ratio for the highest positive impact and deepest understanding.

Inspiring stability and growth

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We know that your primary goal is to take care of your family. As is ours. We are committed to replacing your anxiety of financial planning with a Wealth Map that inspires confidence and clarity, leaving more time for you and your family to make lasting memories.

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Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve.