Look after the

ones you love.



In the event of your death, what will life look like for your family moving forward? Can they remain in the family home, maintain their current lifestyle, fund current debts or cover potential education expenses? When developing and implementing family protection plans for the individuals we work with, we take a planning focus approach instead of an insurance product approach. Your specific goals and objectives, which we work with you to define, will direct what protection strategies are best to explore for you.


How confident are you that your wealth will pass on to the next generation the way you would like? Are you comfortable with the amount of tax payable at your death? Many successful Canadians work tirelessly to build their wealth but do not apply careful planning around their death. Developing net worth projections and tax estimates are crucial planning steps for wealthy families. Strategic planning and properly structured life insurance can effectively ensure your assets will pass on to loved ones in the most tax-efficient way possible.


Insurance products offer Canadians the ability to hold investment capital on a tax-sheltered basis. For decades, many of Canada’s wealthiest families have utilized insurance strategies to shelter personal and corporate assets from taxation. Unfortunately, banks and most private wealth management firms do not have the expertise or spend the time to review strategies even though the long-term positive impact can be significant. OceanFront Wealth will explore strategic opportunities with you, collaborating with other professional advisors to develop ideal strategies that address the needs of your specific situation.