I’m a strategist, and achieving results is my passion. With a background in economics and project management, I have always gravitated towards two elements to drive results: effectiveness (doing the right thing) and efficiency (doing things right). As the President of OceanFront Wealth Inc., I apply my background and industry knowledge to execute the firm’s vision and mandate by leading an outstanding ensemble of highly talented colleagues. Dedicated to our purpose to “provide your family with peace of mind,” our ensemble team works together to offer excellence in financial wealth management services. Outside of work, I focus on personal health and wellness. I've become hooked on Apple Fitness+ and the flexibility it's given me to fit exercise into my always changing schedule. For entertainment, I turn to anything that gives me a good laugh, whether it’s found in a good book, comedy specials, or hanging out with my comical family and friends.
Aman Lidder


President | OceanFront Wealth Inc.

Achieving peace of mind is one of the primary concerns shared by many of our clients and, as a founding member of Oceanfront Wealth, I am passionate as ever about enabling them to best fulfill their chief goal of caring for their families. My goal when working with our clients is to be a mentor and an accountability partner. Our proprietary planning process allows us to work together and identify what’s important, then implement strategies that will help them achieve their goal of preserving their families exceptionally well. In my time away from the office, I enjoy staying active playing hockey, golf and tennis and I enjoy reading. I also have a passion for travel, especially with my family.
Bruce Lindsay

B.Comm, CFP®, CLU, ChFC

Senior Wealth Partner | OceanFront Wealth Inc.

Today’s financial world is complex, and each client presents unique planning requirements. I complete the planning process by ensuring your family’s investment assets are correctly aligned with your risk profile in order to meet future goals and objectives. Thoughtful attention to your goals allows me to provide comprehensive wealth management advice tailored for you. My wife Arleigh and I were married in 2003 and have two young children, Scarlett and James. I was born and raised on the North Shore which is where my family and I currently reside. I am an avid outdoor enthusiast and always eager to explore Canada’s great natural wonders. Skiing, hiking, fly fishing, kayaking and camping are activities enjoyed through the year. When not outside, I like to tinker with DIY electronics, read Sci-Fi and entertain a curious mind with the subjects of science and math.
Scott Keast

B.Comm, CFP®, CIM

Senior Wealth Partner | OceanFront Wealth Inc.

Portfolio Manager | OceanFront Investment Counsel Inc.

My genuine respect for each client relationship powers my wealth management process. I want to ensure your Wealth Map achieves your family’s life goals and, through our collaborative process, help identify what’s important to you and your family. As a founding partner of Ocean Front Wealth Management, I am passionate about implementing strategies that will help our clients realize their vision for the future and treat their financial goals with the same care and interest that we devote to our own. In my time away from the office, I enjoy many activities including early morning runs, hiking, cycling and weekly yoga. I have a passion for the “beautiful game” and give back to my soccer community by coaching academy development players. Travel also plays a large part in my life as I especially enjoy family trips with my wife and our two sons.
Shane McMahon


Senior Wealth Partner | OceanFront Wealth Inc.

Portfolio Manager | OceanFront Investment Counsel Inc.


By combining an empathetic personality with an analytical mind, I strive to understand each client’s unique situation in order to help them achieve their goals. With experience in estates, insurance, and investment management, I take pride in providing a holistic wealth management approach to designing customized financial strategies. When I am not in the office, you will likely find me playing sports with my friends, planning an exotic trip, or boarding yet another plane. As an avid world-traveler, I am always seeking new perspectives and will rarely say no to a good adventure.
Adam Carris

B.Comm, CFP®, CIM®, CFA®

Wealth Advisor | OceanFront Wealth Inc.

Portfolio Manager | OceanFront Investment Counsel Inc.

I truly enjoy analyzing small details to see the bigger picture. This ability allows me to formulate a customized plan for each client relationship. I place a high value on continuous learning and am currently in the process of completing several industry designations. Outside of the office, I live an active lifestyle and work out most days either at the gym or at an F45 class. I live in North Vancouver and love spending time outdoors with my friends and family.
Kim Reynolds


Wealth Advisor | OceanFront Wealth Inc.

Associate Advising Representative | OceanFront Investment Counsel Inc.

My genuine interest in developing a deep understanding of our client’s goals allows me to handcraft a personalized Wealth Map for each relationship. My passion for continuous learning and professional development helps me to deliver an exceptional client experience. I am a diehard foodie, always giving recommendations to the team for the best places to eat in the Lower Mainland. I enjoy exploring the city and spending time with my wife and two daughters.
Edmond Chow


Senior Wealth Associate | OceanFront Wealth Inc.

I thrive on being able to assist people, I support administrator processes for our team to ensure our clients receive the best client service possible. I am a life-long learner with a passion for investing and developmental economics which was nurtured during my studies at UBC. I look forward to furthering my education at OceanFront by working on industry certifications relevant to my role. I love to cook, you can always find me experimenting with different cuisines and binge watching cooking shows. I have an affinity for animals, in fact, in my home country of Kenya I have 6 cats and 2 dogs!
Inaara Peermohamad

B.A. Economics

Wealth Administrator | OceanFront Wealth Inc.

Priding myself on service quality, I am always seeking new ways to support our team of Associate Financial Planners to create the best experience for our clients. As a recent graduate, I am still eager to learn and will be completing several industry certifications to better serve our clients. I have lived in Vancouver my whole life and enjoy the lifestyle that Vancouver has to offer. In the winter, you will find me on the ski hills. In the summer, I enjoy spending time outdoors or on the water fishing with friends and family. I am also an avid sports fan.
Kris Jantsch

B.Comm, CIM®

Wealth Associate | OceanFront Wealth Inc.

I am diligent in my pursuit of managing the administrative requests of our clients. Being mindful of the time sensitive nature of client requests, I apply a high level of attention to detail and accuracy. I am most satisfied by being able to resolve client issues quickly to provide them with peace of mind. With a positive attitude and adaptive approach, I support administrative processes for our team to ensure the best client service possible. The majority of my personal time is spent in the gym, either training or coaching in the sport of Olympic Style Weightlifting. In addition to that, by combining my love for fitness and fashion, I also help design for a small local apparel company.
Sadia Kuraishi

Wealth Administrator | OceanFront Wealth Inc.

I am devoted to assisting our team of Wealth Advisors in providing our clients with the highest quality service to help them achieve their goals. My ambition is to become an expert in wealth planning, and I will continue my education by earning industry certifications so that I can contribute and deliver exceptional service to our clients. I enjoy reading, playing video games, going to the gym, and running on local trails. I am a passionate soccer fan and follow the Formula 1 calendar on weekends.
Tristan Afonso

BBA, Finance

Wealth Administrator | OceanFront Wealth Inc.


My mission is to help people discover their true potential so that they can live the best life possible. By supporting the team, I have a direct impact on our ability to provide exceptional client service. I tailor my communication and strategies to the needs of each team member and to the core values of the firm. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for any problem and the key to achieving success lies in identifying and nurturing each team member’s unique abilities and strengths. Outside of the office, I enjoy spending as much time as possible exploring the outdoors with my husband Tycson and our daughters Scout & Poet.
Cassidy Boult


Manager, Operations & HR | OceanFront Wealth Inc.

With a creative and curious mind, I have a passion for research and problem solving. As a Portfolio Administrator, I am dedicated to preserving the integrity of our investment management process. My contributions to our portfolio management help ensure our investment strategies remain on track with your goals. My wife Nisha and I live in Coquitlam. I live an active lifestyle and can often be found at the gym, out for a run, or at a ski hill. I also enjoy playing the guitar and reading a good book.
Matthew Cameron


Portfolio Manager | OceanFront Investment Counsel Inc.

The regulatory landscape is very complex and ever-changing. As a compliance officer, I nurture and inculcate a culture of compliance. With my extensive background of over twenty years of experience in the financial services industry, I leverage my knowledge to achieve efficiency and mitigation of risk in compliance and operations. The depth of my experience spans various broker-dealer firms, including IIROC, EMD, Portfolio Management, and Investment Fund Management. As Chief Compliance Officer, I am responsible for regulatory development and oversight of the organizations' compliance program to ensure it is in accordance with applicable laws and regulations that govern the firm. Outside office hours, apart from being obsessed with dogs, I enjoy feeding my intellectual curiosity and dining at the latest restaurants the city has to offer.
Maryann Delfin


Chief Compliance Officer | OceanFront Investment Counsel Inc.

Driven by my desire to achieve and exceed expectations, I give extra care and attention to all my responsibilities. As the first point of contact, it is my focus to maintain a safe and welcoming space for our clients and ensure office operations run smoothly. I prioritize producing results and improving as a reliable and strong support for our clients and my team. I am tenacious in completing tasks, and always offering a helping hand to those around me. I have an endless love for dogs, and I have two of my own, Coffee and Bobo. I am a homebody at heart, and I enjoy drawing, binging shows, reading books, and watching documentaries of all sorts.
Michelle Fong


Office Services Coordinator | OceanFront Wealth Inc.

Striving for nothing less than excellence for our clients, I am eager to support the OceanFront Investment Counsel Inc. team. As a Portfolio Administrator, I endeavor to continuously learn and improve, including earning a host of industry certifications. Outside the office, I spend most of my time with my family; otherwise, I’m hiking or going on cross-country runs with friends. When not outside, I immensely enjoy detail-oriented hobbies like shaping bonsai or building computers.
Nicolas Gimenez

B.A. Economics

Portfolio Administrator | OceanFront Investment Counsel Inc.